Charitable Trusts


Charitable Trusts

Each year, the Montgomeryshire Society organises a number of competitions for schoolchildren and students in Montgomeryshire:

The Clement Davies Award for Art
The Charles Churchill/Mary Valentine Award for an English or Welsh Essay
The Professor D Vaughan Davies Award for a Welsh Essay
The Coleg Powys/Montgomeryshire Society Award for the most promising technology Student at Coleg Powys
The Garthgwynion Music Prize

The competitions are designed to encourage art, essay writing (in both Welsh and English), technology and music among Montgomeryshire schoolchildren and students.

The first four Competitions are organised by the Society's Honorary Competitions Secretary, through the County's Secondary Schools and Coleg Powys, with help from a volunteer liaison officer and volunteer adjudicators in the County. The Music Prize is usually donated to an organisation (such as an Eisteddfod or Festival held in the County) as prize money for a music competition for young people from the County.

The prize money for these awards comes mainly from the income from funds generously donated to, and administered by, the Montgomeryshire Society Charitable Trusts. From time to time, the Trusts also receive additional donations, which help swell the trust funds and help the Trustees to keep the prize money at a suitable level. The 20 prizes awarded in 2006 amounted to a total of 1,110. For further details, see Competitions.

The Trustees would be most grateful for any donation, of whatever size. Details of donations are usually included in the Trusts' Annual Report and Accounts, although donations may be made anonymously.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a cheque in favour of THE MONTGOMERYSHIRE SOCIETY CHARITABLE TRUSTS to:

Mr H. Puleston Jones
The Montgomeryshire Society Charitable Trusts 
Ducks Farm 
Dux Lane 
Kent TN15 0RB

Thank you very much. 

The Trustees

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